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‘Not Your Typical Deli’ is just as advertised, mainly hires people with disabilities

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GILBERT, Ariz. — One eatery in Gilbert, Arizona is taking a different approach in its hiring process.

That’s exactly why they call themselves “Not Your Typical Deli.”

According to Gilbert Digital, over 50 percent of the employees at the deli are on the autism spectrum.

“The consistency is a huge component in having a really successful restaurant, and a lot of routine is involved with consistency,” Chef W Rieth from Not Your Typical Deli said. “A lot of these guys excel with routine, so that really is an awesome fit for our kitchens.”

The deli, which is located in the area of Val Vista Drive and Baseline Road, wanted to give an opportunity for work to people who don’t usually get a lot of opportunities.

According to its website, “NYT Deli will offer three 12-week training programs per year for adults with developmental disabilities. After our students complete the 12-week course, they are not on their own. We will offer long term mentoring as our students start their careers in the culinary industry.”

The deli opened in July, and in just the first month, Rieth said he has already seen the reason for why they opened.

“The talents and the work ethic, they have,” Rieth explained. “They want to come in and they want to work. They’re thrilled to have a job. They’re thrilled to be here. They want to serve people, they want to make people smile. They want to work, and here’s their opportunity to do that.”

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