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Bulletin board provides hope for parents with babies in intensive care

(Catrina Frost)

For parents with a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), it can be a difficult experience. A Phoenix-area hospital, through a bulletin board, is trying to give those parents hope of what could be for their children.

It’s called Tanner’s Wall. The wall is named after Tanner Herrell, who spent about a week in the NICU at Banner Thunderbird Hospital. Tanner was born five weeks premature and struggled when he first entered the NICU, but soon he was able to rebound.

“Half the wires were gone, and he just looked pink and beautiful,” said Catrina Frost, Tanner’s mom. “I was just amazed.”

After Tanner, who is now eight-years-old, was released from the NICU, Frost wanted to give back and came up with an idea to help other parents who are going through the same situation. Parents of children who made it out of the NICU can leave pictures of the children’s progression to show others how far they have come.

“Parents can post pictures of their children, whether it be birthday pictures or graduation [from the NICU] pictures,” Frost said. “They can see all of these babies who are graduating and thriving and it gives them a sense of hope.”

Frost said nurses have told her that the wall has really helped. She said it gives parents hope and a sense of calm when they can see a happy child from the NICU who is now thriving.

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