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What to do if you received 2 early ballots in Maricopa County

(AP Photo/Ryan Van Velzer, File)

PHOENIX — Early voters received their primary mail-in ballots this week, but some Valley residents received not one, but two ballots.

That wasn’t a mistake according to Elizabeth Bartholomew from the Maricopa County Recorder’s office, who said this is a way to protect the voter and ensure they have the most accurate information.

“To make sure that we have one million ballots printed and ready to be mailed by the Aug. 3 deadline, we have to send the voter file to our ballot printing company way in advance,” Bartholomew said.

If you made any changes to your ballot after they initially started printing them on July 9, you should be receiving a second one in the mail with the reflected changes. It should be noted that the first ballot is disabled, and it won’t be counted.

Close to 13,000 voters made changes to their ballots and will be receiving a secondary one, so what do you do?

Bartholomew said you can call the recorder’s office, or you can check the numbers on the green envelope you received. There’s a 15-digit number underneath the bar code, and if it ends in “01” that is your first ballot that is disabled. If it ends in “02” that is the correct ballot.

For those who don’t want to mail in a ballot, you can visit any of the 21 early voting locations and drop it off there.

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