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Sharper Point: Parents’ annual reminder to keep cool as kids head to school

With Arizona kids going back to school this week, emotions such as joy, trepidation and excitement are running high.

And that’s just the parents.

My wife is a public school teacher who is out of the classroom this year and, to be perfectly honest, I’m a little excited about that. It’s not because she deals with a huge amounts of headache-inducing naughty kids — in fact, I rarely hear about those — it’s just nice to know she won’t have to deal with those rare crazy parents out there.

Don’t get me wrong: Most parents of school-aged children are perfectly delightful people who help the teacher do their job and get their child a good education. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s appreciated.

But there are those rare few parents out there who provide the horror stories teachers tell every year.

I’m all for parents choosing where there kids are educated and, to a point, how they’re educated, but this is directed at the ones out there who are screwing their kids up, plain and simple, by telling them that everyone else is wrong and they’re right.

You know, maybe we need to back corporeal punishment at school. Not for the kids, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a parent paddle hanging in the principal’s office, just a reminder.

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