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Arizona’s HiRise camera doing its job, NASA releases over a thousand photos of Mars

NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

The University of Arizona’s high-resolution camera aboard the Mars orbiter has been busy. Really busy. And NASA couldn’t be happier.

The camera has been capturing images of Mars since 2005, and its latest load of photos are astounding from a visual and sheer volume standpoint.

Over 1,000 pictures are in from the camera that include clear, stunning shots of craters, impact sites, dunes, mountains and more on the Red Planet.

The $40 million HiRise (short for High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), part of UA’s lunar and planetary laboratory, also caught NASA’s Mars Phoenix Lander parachuting down to the planet in 2008.

The most recent images have arrived because of a once in every two years or so event that allows the data to be sent back home.

Some of the many images are below, and there plenty more online.

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