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Seth Rogen masters Drake’s mannerisms in a lip sync battle

Jimmy Fallon’s late night run has brought tremendous amounts of fun to the talk show scene, and perhaps his biggest hit in his time on NBC has been the “Lip Sync Battle.”

Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Stone, Tom Cruise and other celebrities have made appearances on the talk show and followed it with a performance, with each view amounting to millions of views on YouTube and turning into a viral hit.

Rogen’s is the latest, which is up to over 3.5 million views.

The star of “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express” made it count in this edition, doing the unthinkable, yet, obvious move of including Fallon’s late night band, The Roots, in his lip syncing routine.

Fallon, always competitive on his show, looked betrayed and shook his head at the band and Rogen as the performance broke out.

Rogen followed that up by putting on a Drake sweater and performing “Hotline Bling.” He’s proved in the past he is capable of mimicking hip-hop stars when he and James Franco recreated a Kanye West video, and Rogen did it again, nailing Drake’s mannerisms from the big music video.