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The potluck is a go: New laws go into effect in Arizona

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PHOENIX — At least a dozen laws have recently gone into effect in Arizona.

Wine lovers can rejoice: They can legally have wine shipped directly to their home or business from outside Arizona. However, the winery must have a direct-shipping license from the state.

In another move, all potlucks are now exempt from health-department inspections. Previously, only office potlucks were not subject to inspection.

It has also become a crime for a drone(s) to interfere with a police operation. Glendale Police Sergeant Scott Waite said it’s not about cramping anyone’s fun. It’s about officer safety – for example, if a SWAT team’s working a scene.

“The last thing we want,” he said, “is somebody flying an unmanned aircraft above the area that we’re doing … and that’s showing someone who potentially wants to do us harm exactly where we’re at.”

Anyone convicted of interfering with police operations using a drone could spend up to six months in jail and pay $2,500 in fines.

Other laws increased the amount of tax credits for charitable contributions; allowed cities and counties to raise or lower the speed limits on streets near public parks; and allowed schoolchildren to cut and eat on-site fruits and vegetables grown in their school’s gardens.

Most of the laws took effect Aug. 6. Unless a bill has an emergency clause, it goes into effect 90 days after the legislative session ends.

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