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Barely a scratch! Driver backs into $300K Ferrari

(Instagram Photo)

There are right ways to get a close-up look at a Ferrari and wrong ways. Here is a wrong way: backing into one while trying to parallel park.

A Virginia driver rolled up onto the front end of a nearly $300,000 Ferrari over the weekend, stunning the woman trying to park, the children in the car with her and her male passenger.

Because these kinds of things cannot be kept secret in this day and age, witnesses posted photos and a video.

The price of a Ferrari 458 Especial starts around $292,000. Oh, is that all?

At least the unfortunate driver was in a Mercedes convertible, so it was not a case of some poor schlub in a 2005 Dodge Neon watching his or her future earnings go down the drain.

Fairfax County police said no charges would be filed.

(Warning: Video contains a mild curse word.)

Well I guess you could say Katie's was eventful this morning. 😳

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