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Timeline of events at Sandy Hook Elementary School

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) – The Connecticut state’s attorney released a report Monday on the investigation of the massacre in December at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, which killed 20 children and six women. The report provides this timeline of events.


_ 9:30 a.m.: A parent arrives at Sandy Hook Elementary School for a holiday gingerbread event and is buzzed through the locked front doors.

_ 9:34 a.m.: The first gunshots are heard. Witness later reports hearing about 15 shots.

_ 9:35 a.m.: A parent arrives at school and notices nine children running down the sidewalk.

_ 9:35:39 a.m.: First 911 call received. Caller says she saw shooter. Call is placed from school nurse’s office.

_ 9:35:56 a.m.: Newtown police are informed of shooting. Over the next minute, several officers head toward school.

_ 9:36 a.m.: Unidentified witness arrives at school, sees front window shot out and hears gunfire. She and another woman take shelter behind a trash receptacle and call 911.

_ 9:37:38 a.m.: State Police dispatch advises units of shooter, and units head to school.

_ 9:39 a.m.: Newtown police officer arrives behind school. Seconds later, two more officers arrive and park in driveway. Gunshots are heard in background. Several more will arrive within next few minutes.

_ 9:40 a.m.: Final gunshot is heard, believed to be Lanza’s final suicide shot.

_ 9:41 a.m.: Officer detains individual near school playground; police advised to be aware of possibility of second shooter.

_ 9:42 a.m.: Officer radios license plate on vehicle parked in fire lane.

_ 9:44 a.m.: Three officers enter through boiler room and make way to lobby.

_ 9:45 a.m. Bodies of two victims found. Officer radios for assistance: “OK, I need units in the front of the school. I’ve got bodies here. Let’s get ambulances.”

_ 9:46 a.m. Officers enter front of school.

_ 9:47 a.m. Police set up perimeter around school and soon begin evacuating children.

_ 9:51 a.m.: Police find Lanza’s body.

_ 10:10 a.m.: State Police sergeant radios dispatch, “We have multiple, in the double digits, of death here … so it’s not good … we have, we’re still clearing rooms … we have one suspect … one suspect down … deceased.”

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