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Nothing but “F’s” on Arizona’s report card for policies supporting new or expecting parents

The grades are in for policies supporting new and expecting parents … and Arizona got an ‘F’.

“Not only do we have an ‘F’, but we literally have zero points,” said President/CEO of Children’s Action Alliance Dana Wolfe Naimark.

The state by state analysis from National Partnership for Women & Families looks for any family leave policies beyond the minimum federal requirements outlined in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

“Clearly we see from the report card, there’s a long menu of policies and actions that different states can take and have taken to improve the opportunities that new parents have,” she said.

Things like paid leave policies, more access to unpaid, job protected family and medical leave, paid sick days, pregnancy accommodations, and more.

“It’s very important that parents, both moms and dads, have time with a new baby,” Naimark added. “I think everybody understands that new moms need some time off partly for medical reasons, but also have a chance to spend time with their new baby.

“Some jobs are flexible and new parents may not lose income, but many others don’t, especially if they’re paid hourly,” she explained. “Which certainly effects the well-being of the new family.

“So it’s that issue of making sure that all parents have some flexibility to maintain income and their job status,” she said. “And still spend time with their new baby.”

Arizona was one of 12 states to get an ‘F,’ 27 states received a D+ and only California received an ‘A.’

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