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American Airlines relocating flight training from Phoenix to Charlotte, Fort Worth

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American Airlines is making a big move by the end of 2017 according to Phoenix Business Journal.

The airline will be moving their flight training from Phoenix to Charlotte and Fort Worth. Texas. The airline is based out of Fort Worth.

America West Airlines first had the flight training center in Phoenix, when Tempe-based America West merged with US Airways in 2005.

There are 65 American positions that are going to be impacted by the closure, but 30 of those instructors will be offered jobs at the two centers.

American Airlines Vice President Capt. Kimball Stone let the employees know of the change in a letter.


As we grow our ranks and further integrate our airlines, we’re also looking at ways to create a seamless training program for pilots at American. Standardization is a benchmark of airline safety, evidenced by the fact that all other U.S. carriers have, or are in the process of, consolidating pilot training facilities. To support this effort, we will move the remaining components of flight training from the Phoenix Training Center (PHX) to our Training Centers in Charlotte (CLT) and Fort Worth (GSW) by the end of 2017.

Moving to two training centers will help remove duplications in training that currently exist and provide a more consistent training experience for pilots. It will also give crews better support from a more centralized team of Flight Training Instructors/Evaluators and Managers. This will all be particularly important as pilots change fleets due to pilot retirements and fleet changes from retiring older aircraft and new deliveries.

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