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Smart idea: Phoenix-area educator fills tutoring need on demand and online

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PHOENIX — In this age of technology, on-demand services are streamlining every aspect of daily life. Now learning is available on demand through an Arizona-based website.

MindSpree, an online platform, connects students with tutors in just about any subject imaginable.

“Think of Airbnb or Uber for tutoring,” said Keith Rezendes, founder and CEO of MindSpree, which started business in 2015.

At Scottsdale-based, students all across the country looking for a tutor can search by subject, location, and price. Students can choose to be tutored in person or online. Or, they can post a job for a tutor.

The posting will be emailed to all tutors who fit the job description and they can “apply” for the job.

Tutors can sign up and create a profile listing their subjects of expertise and their price point. All tutors are required to go through a background check, which Rezendes said is not required by other tutoring companies.

The site is free to use for both students and tutors. Some of the subjects available include SAT preparation, surfing and even knitting.

“There was one student who posted a job that she’s planning to travel to England and visit the British Museum. She wanted someone who can tutor her in those objects in that museum and she found two tutors on-site,” Rezendes said.

Rezendes, an ASU graduate with over 30 years experience in education, said he saw a need for readily available, quality tutoring. The idea for the site came to him a few years ago when he was vacationing in Hawaii but tutoring kids in the Midwest online.

“That’s when it hit me — I really love my job. With every kid I was tutoring was getting into these private colleges … and the results are great.

“I was making three times what I was making as a college professor, and I worked where I want with who I want and how I want,” he said. “Why can’t I just make this available to everyone?”

Rezendes had an offer for new students: Enter “KTAR” to get a free first hour of tutoring.