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NY mayor’s daughter loves that dad speaks his mind

NEW YORK (AP) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina says she admires that her father says what he believes regardless of what others may think.

In a wide-ranging interview in the current issue of Glamour magazine, the 30-year-old reflected on her father as he prepares to leave City Hall after 12 years.

She recalled how Bloomberg once stopped in the middle of a “cheesy” speech about the Coney Island hot dog eating contest and said “who wrote this?,” punctuating the question with a vulgarity.

She says she inherited that trait and values speaking her mind.

Georgina and her boyfriend, fellow equestrian Ramiro Quintana, are about to become parents.

But she jokes she isn’t sure she’ll be asking Bloomberg to babysit. She says he “isn’t particularly good with children.” But she adds, “he’ll be supportive and proud. “

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