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FBI returns to apartment of LAX shooting suspect

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The FBI on Monday revisited the apartment of the suspect charged with killing a Transportation Security Administration officer during an attack at Los Angeles International Airport.

At least one FBI agent was at the apartment Monday. It’s the same duplex in a tidy courtyard complex that agents searched Friday afternoon after authorities say Paul Ciancia opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle in LAX’s Terminal 3, killing TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez.

The FBI agent escorted a man from the apartment and into an underground parking garage, where the man got into a black Hyundai and drove off.

According to an affidavit supporting a search and seizure warrant for Ciancia’s cellphone, a roommate of Ciancia’s drove a black Hyundai Accent to drop off Ciancia at LAX on Friday. Authorities have said they do not believe the roommate knew of the attack, and according to the affidavit, Ciancia requested the ride just that morning.

The FBI agent would neither discuss the investigation nor identify the man, who also refused to comment.

Neighbors say they remember little or nothing about Ciancia, a 23-year-old unemployed motorcycle mechanic.

One who recognized his picture said simply that he was quiet. Others said there was a lot of tenant turnover in the apartment, and they had a hard time keeping track of who lived there.

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