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This child’s joy while clapping along to a guitar will melt your heart

It doesn’t seem possible to have as much fun or be as happy as this child is during a sing-a-long.

A woman playing the guitar guides the group of children to clap along  and then abruptly stops.

The suddenness of ending the song is the most hilarious thing the child in the blue has ever seen. He simply cannot stop laughing or smiling when the woman stops playing the guitar.

Lots of the kids are into it, clapping and smiling, but no one is having even close to as much as fun as the kid in the blue.

He responds with such delight and anticipation whenever the woman asks if they are ready, and at one point, his endless laughter even breaks her.

This leads to his friend sitting next to him to hug him, in what could be interpreted as an effort to calm him down a bit.

Those efforts are met with great resistance, as he cannot stop having the time of his life when the woman concludes the song.

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