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Man arrested after chasing Arizona DPS trooper in marked vehicle


PHOENIX — A man who was following and recording an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper was arrested and charged with speeding, the department said.

According to DPS, the unnamed trooper was driving on US 60 in the East Valley about 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday when the suspect began following him.

The trooper activated his or her emergency lights, slowed down and sped up to as fast as 90 mph in an effort to get the suspect to stop following the vehicle. DPS said the trooper was alarmed because the suspect’s intentions were unknown.

“In light of recent attacks against law enforcement and anti-police rhetoric prevalent in our society today, troopers are on guard at all times and from all potential and perceived threats,” DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead said in a release.

The trooper eventually was able to pull the suspect over. The man told the trooper he was following and videotaping the vehicle because the trooper was speeding.

The suspect was arrested for criminal speeding.

DPS Lt. Colonel Daniel Lugo said it is unfair for the public to think troopers must obey the speed limit at all times.

“It is not realistic to believe troopers can effectively do their jobs and not speed,” he said in the same release. “However, troopers are held accountable to drive with due regard for other motorists. Any citizen who believes a trooper is driving without such consideration should let us know as soon as possible.”

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