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Website says Arizona has some of the worst schools in the United States

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PHOENIX — Here’s some news Valley parents may not want to see as their kids get ready to head back to the classroom: Arizona has some of the worst schools in the nation, a financial website said.

WalletHub said Arizona has the fourth-worst schools in the nation, leading only Alaska, New Mexico and Louisiana.

The Grand Canyon State was hit hardest on the website’s ranking of school system quality. The ranking included numerous factors, including graduation rates of low-income high school students, math, reading, SAT and ACT test scores and the pupil-to-teacher ratio.

WalletHub said Arizona has one of the nation’s worst pupil-to-teacher ratios. It led only Utah and California.

The state fared better in the website’s school system safety ranking, coming in at No. 33. That ranking factors in disciplinary rates, bullying incidents and youth incarceration in addition to the number of students who reported being threatened or injured on school property.

According to the website, the state with the best schools is Massachusetts. That was followed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Wisconsin.

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