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VP nominee Mike Pence speaks with KTAR following town hall in Phoenix

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spoke with KTAR’s Mike Sackley following his town hall in Phoenix.

Pence: I think Donald Trump is providing the kind of leadership, at home and aborad, that the American people really long to see. He’s really the one that put the whole issue of illegal immigration back at the center of the national debate and I’m confident that once elected president of the United States, he’ll provide the kind of leadership that’ll secure our borders and provide the kind of enforcement of our laws that will give the American people, in every community, confidence.

Sackley: Obviously, a lot of questions about the comments he made about the Khan family after that speech at the Democratic Convention. Do you believe Donald Trump is an ardent supporter of the military?

I have rarely met anyone who supports our soldiers, sailors, air men, marine and coast guard and their families more strongly than Donald Trump. Look, Donald Trump and I have both said that Captain Khan is an American hero, and his family, like every gold scarf family, should be cherished by every American and I’m just very confident that when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States he’ll rebuild our military, he’ll make sure that our soldiers have the resources they need to get the job done and for our families and come home to theirs.

Is it tough being Donald Trump’s running mate when you don’t know from day-to-day what he’s gonna say? It seems like it can kind of be crazy sometimes.

It’s the greatest privilege of my life. To have the chance to run and to serve with a man who I think is going to be a great president of the United States. Look, Donald Trump is a plain-spoken American. He speaks his mind. Part of his appeal is that he’s candid and speaks both from what’s in his heart, and in so many ways he’s willing to talk about the issues directly to the American people in ways that few political leaders are willing to do. And so being able to be alongside like someone like that, being able to help tell that story all across Arizona and all across the country is the greatest privilege of my life.

What’s it been like going from governor of Indiana to being a Vice Presidential nominee as far as being out on the campaign trail, what’s it been like for you?

It’s been very humbling. The support for Donald Trump and the energy in this movement; it’s just exciting to witness. And for me and my family to have an opportunity to be a small part of that is a great, great honor to me. We’re just determined to continue to work with all of our hearts to do everything that we can to make sure this good man is the next president of the United States.

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