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Reducing water usage can get some Phoenix-area businesses free ads

GILBERT, Ariz. — Reducing water usage can get some Phoenix-area businesses some free advertising online.

Haley Paul, a conservation specialist for Gilbert, Ariz., said if businesses sign up for the city’s Water Wise Gilbert program, they can get free mentions on social and other media for cutting back on water use.

“Our commercial sector – in terms of total water use – is a growing piece of our pie,” Haley said.

The signup process is simple. Paul said a conservation specialist will come to the business and check for ways to reduce the water usage. The business then gets a free report on to cut down.

“If you implement some of the financially-feasible suggestions – and you start saving water – we label you ‘Water Wise Gilbert,’” Paul said. “From there, we just promote you. We brag about you on social media.”

Participating Gilbert businesses have already saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water by taking part.

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