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Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay shouldn’t be punished for being a dumb 14-year-old girl

In this July 30, 2016 photo, Miss Texas Karlie Hay is crowned and given flowers as the new Miss Teen USA 2016 during the pageant in Las Vegas. Racist language in old tweets from the freshly crowned Miss Teen USA is just the latest controversy for the Miss Universe Organization, which suffered a round of turmoil last year over then-owner Donald Trump's inflammatory comments against Mexicans. (L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

Miss Teen USA is the latest victim of hypersensitivity and the political correctness mafia.

The 2016 teen champ is Karlie Hay from the great state Texas.

Kay’s new crown was immediately tarnished by internet trolls that began scouring her social media accounts for any dirt they could find and, as my grandfather always said, “If you look for trouble long enough, you’ll find it.”

So screenshots began to surface of Kay’s Twitter account. Three years ago — when she was 14 — she used the n-word in four separate posts. Nothing before, nothing after.

The words were not used as pejoratives. They were used in the same context as “bro,” “dude” or “sister.” No one was disparaged in any way with these tweets. There was no pattern of racism to be found.

Nevertheless, QUE THE OUTRAGE!

People started calling for her new crown to stripped immediately from her hairspray-caked head!

Reading the tweets that followed this discovery, you would think that she rolled out on stage for the swimsuit portion of the contest wearing a white bikini with matching hood!

But the Miss Universe organization is sticking by Kay. I commend them for that.

However, this is 2016, so Hailey has to kiss the PC Mafia rings by jumping from morning show to morning show for her public shaming. It was embarrassing to watch “Good Morning America’s” George Stephanopoulos give Kay a father-esque scolding on live network television Tuesday morning.

In my mind, the girl is guilty of two things: First, guilty for doing dumb things that 14-year-olds do. Second, guilty of not scrubbing her social accounts before entering the biggest pageant of her life.

Parents that have survived their kid’s teen years will back me up on this: 14-year-olds do and say a lot of stupid things. Seriously. A. Lot.

I’ll wrap up with a simple question for all of you that are outraged by these tweets and are calling for Kay to lose here: If we were to shine a nationally-televised spotlight on YOUR 14th year of life, would you want to be held accountable for every word YOU used?


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