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Phoenix suburb’s police department releases annual report

(Twitter Photo)

MESA, Ariz. — The Mesa Police Department said it will continue to work toward better policing under the Justice Department’s 21st Century Policing Guidelines.

Chief John Meza said one area the department can improve is data transparency.

“Right now, if you wanted to know how many complaints on officers – or how many were sustained or not sustained – it’s very difficult for the public to find that,” he said.

The department released its written report for 2015 to the Justice Department on Monday.

Many community leaders and others helped write and research the report, from the East Valley NAACP to police officers themselves.

Meza said everyone feels the community outreach programs are outstanding, but minority outreach must continue.

“If we had trust before, we can get it back,” Meza said. “And that’s what we really need to strive for.”

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