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New emojis revealed, set to be released with Apple’s iOS 10

(Twitter Photo/romaindillet)

Have you ever wanted to message someone saying that you really love Santa Claus? Or maybe tell someone in a creative way over text message that you are getting a haircut?

Well with Apple’s iOS 10, which is set to be released potentially in September, you can.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has redesigned or created 100 new emojjs to be released along with iOS 10.

Among the many changes, a few are notable in the fact that Apple gives more gender options. There are new female athletes, including basketball players and surfers.

Instead of the gun emoji that people were used to, Apple has dropped that completely and instead replaced it with a water gun emoji.

There are redesigns to people resembling occupations, including police officers, while they added a flag that has nothing to do with a country, as it is a rainbow flag.

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