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Smile like you mean it: Phoenix mayor has inside track on getting along with rival

(Twitter Photo)
LISTEN: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton from the DNC in Philadelphia.

If mayors of rival Arizona cities can get along at the Democratic National Convention, then it stands to reason that supporters of opposing presidential candidates can make nice, too.

At least that’s what Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told KTAR 92.3 FM Arizona’s Morning News on Thursday.

He and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, both part of the 100-member Arizona delegation, have been rooming together and palling around the convention, despite the rivalry between the cities.

“We want to set an example — if we’re asking the Bernie (Sanders) people and the Hillary (party presidential nominee Clinton) people to get along, Phoenix and Tucson have to lead by example and get along as well,” Stanton joked.

“Phoenix and Tucson can get along, therefore Bernie people and Hillary people should work together as well.”

Stanton has tweeted out photos of himself and Rothschild getting along.

“I happen to like the guy,” Stanton said.

Stanton also liked Wednesday night’s speeches.

“Heck, that could have been Ronald Reagan up there, giving that very optimistic vision for the future of our country,” he said of President Barack Obama’s nearly hourlong address to the crowd.

Stanton, an early supporter of Clinton, is hoping to hear more optimism from Clinton during her acceptance speech Thursday, the last night of the convention.

“We’ve got to hear how the United States economy is going to stay the strongest economy on planet Earth. We also have to hear how the United States is going to work with our international partners to keep the United States strong.

“Times are good, not bad, not perfect, but good. (GOP nominee) Donald Trump has presented a very dark vision of the future, almost an angry vision of the future of this country.

The people in this country have to make an important choice.”

The general election is Nov. 8.

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