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Women in history: 102-year-old Arizona woman helps to nominate Clinton at DNC

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Today was a historical day for the country, but also for someone who has lived through quite a bit of history herself — 102 years of it.

Arizona native, Jerry Emmett was able to cast Arizona’s 51 votes for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday.

Small in stature but large in presence, Emmett had the entire crowd cheering as proudly pledged Arizona’s delegates for Clinton.

Emmett was born into a progressive time considering Arizona granted women the right to vote in 1912.

When Emmett was only 2 years old Arizona women cast the first female votes in a presidential election.

In 1920, when Emmett was 6 years old, the 19th Amendment passed, granting all U.S. women the right to vote.

Since then she has seen women’s roles evolve as well as two World Wars, the civil rights movement, the evolution of technology and now, potentially the first U.S. woman president.

From living through the women’s suffrage movement to helping nominate the first female candidate from a major U.S. political party, Emmett’s life has practically come full circle.

Congressman Ruben Gallego caste the state’s remaining 34 delegates to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

At the end of the vote, Sen. Sanders said to let the written record show that he pledged all his delegates to Clinton.