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Former Gov. Jan Brewer disappointed DNC speakers never call ISIS by name

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. (AP Photo)
LISTEN: Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer - Mac and Gaydos Election Insider

The speeches from the first night of the Democratic National Convention seemed to be positive and hopeful, but were they merely filtered through rose colored glasses?

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer thinks so.

Brewer joined Mac and Gaydos Tuesday on KTAR News 92.3 to discuss the things she felt the Democratic party speakers overlooked on the first night of the convention.

“One of the most important things that everybody is talking about is ISIS,” Brewer said. “Not one mention by one speaker last night talked about ISIS or security.”

On Monday, nearly 60 speakers took the stage but not one mentioned the threat of terrorism to the U.S. caused by ISIS.

Many speeches touched on issues regarding the economy, mental health, discrimination and even a few song and dance numbers, but national security was not a key talking point.

“I think Mr. Trump laid it on the line [at the RNC], being the truth teller, telling us what we all are concerned about,” Brewer said about last night’s speeches. “They were all talking with their rose colored glasses on, spewing all these things that are pie in the sky, in my opinion.”

This was a drastic contrast to the speeches at the Republican National Convention, last week.

The Republican National Convention made national security and immigration a focal point of many of the speeches.

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and many other’s took the Republican National Convention stage to condemn Hillary Clinton’s goal to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. if she becomes president.

Tuesday night former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak, with current president and vice president Barack Obama and Joe Biden speaking on Wednesday before nominee Clinton speaks on Thursday.

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