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Comedian Sarah Silverman calls out Bernie Sanders supporters at DNC

Comedian Sarah Silverman spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and while waiting to introduce Paul Simon, had one of the most noteworthy moments of the day.

Silverman, on the stage with Sen. Al Franken, while appearing to wait for Simon to be ready, proclaimed, “To the Bernie or Bust people, you’re being ridiculous.”

Cheers were heard from the crowd when Silverman made the remark, but Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters continued to make their presence felt as she spoke.

The chants for “Bernie!” and boos continued for Silverman throughout the rest of her time on stage.

Earlier in her speech, boos were heard for Silverman when she said she would vote for Hillary Clinton after supporting Sanders in the past.

When leaving the stage, Silverman joked, “thank god they can fix this in post,” sarcastically referring to the inability to edit out a moment like that on live television.

Silverman’s ovation followed the many mixed reactions from the crowd for speakers on the first day of the convention. Sanders supporters continued to make noise and chant for Sanders during nearly every speaker’s time on the stage.

Actress Eva Longoria, Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama were scheduled to speak later in the night.

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