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Convention or concert? Demi Lovato sings at Democratic National Convention

The star-studded Democratic National Convention looked a little more like a concert than a convention after singer Demi Lovato spoke, Monday evening.

Lovato, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter, took the stage on first night of the convention to give a speech about mental health which ended on a different note than where it started.

Although the speech was rather somber, as Lovato spoke about her personal struggle with mental health, she ended her speech by singing her hit song, “Confident.”

Lovato even made a nod to her song during the speech saying, “I don’t think there is a woman more ‘confident’ than Hillary Clinton.”

Lovato’s speech may not be the only one of it’s kind. Several other celebrities are scheduled to appear, such as Katy Perry and Boys II Men, and could potentially perform a song or two.


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