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Survey: Arizona gets poor grade in satisfaction of residents

(KTAR File Photo)

PHOENIX — Maybe the heat is starting to get to Valley residents, because a recent survey showed that Arizona residents aren’t too thrilled with where they live.

According to,  Phoenix ranked at No. 30 on a list of the 36 biggest metropolitan areas based on city happiness. Arizona came in at No. 21 for overall resident satisfaction.

Phoenix received a D grade overall, despite the average commute being less than 40 minutes. Where Phoenix did not fair well was in diversity, safety and friendliness.

About 40 percent of residents consider their community to be racially or religiously diverse, just two-thirds feel safe where they live and less than half said they like their neighbors.

This isn’t the first time Arizona has gotten a bad reputation for its friendliness. In a recent ranking, Phoenix was deemed one of the rudest cities in the country.

The survey included 87 questions and was conducted over a six-week period of time.

The questions were designed around three major categories; accessibility, community and dwelling.

Nearly 18,000 homeowners over the age of 21 participated in the survey.