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Phoenix ranks 6th in tech market growth rate

Tech workers make up just 3.5 percent of the United States workforce, but having increased by 27 percent in the past five years, the market is not one to be ignored.

CBRE’s research determine that Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States and Canada, big or small. Using 13 metrics, the company determined that Arizona’s capital has the sixth-fastest growing tech market with a growth rate of 58.1 percent. That was third-best among large cities, falling behind the Bay Area, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

While Phoenix also ranked among the top-10 in tech degrees completed, it had a net job creation deficit of -12,400, according to the report. However, it is establishing itself as a growing city for tech workers due to being highly affordable.

Here’s the top-10 list of the top momentum markets in the tech industry in the U.S. and Canada.

1. ​Charlotte, N.C. — 74.7%
​2. ​Nashville, Tenn. — 67.9%
​3. ​SF Bay Area, Calif. — ​61.5%
​4. ​Baltimore, Md. — 61.4%
​5. ​Oklahoma City, Okla. — ​59.0%
​6. ​Phoenix, Ariz. — ​58.1%
​7. ​Austin, Texas — ​51.8%
​8. ​Tampa, Fla. — ​50.9%
​9. ​Seattle, Wa.– ​50.2%
​10. ​Vancouver, B.C. — ​50.1%​​​

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