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Phoenix zoo wraps up Pokemon week

The Phoenix Zoo is home to numerous exotic creatures, but among the host of endangered animals, ducks geese and lizards, there’s a new creature that is took hold.

Pokémon has come to the Phoenix Zoo. It has made the zoo a hotbed of Pokémon activity and a signature spot for gamers of the viral mobile game.

“We’re excited to learn that the Zoo has so many hotspots for those playing the Pokémon GO game,” said Phoenix Zoo President & CEO Bert Castro. “It’s not outside the norm for our guests to utilize their cell phones while at the Zoo for taking photos, Tweeting or checking in, etc. This is an additional fun activity. We’ve checked the points in our park and have not found any to be in behind-the-scenes areas. As always, we encourage guests to be aware of their surroundings and respectful of barriers and other guests.”

The location will have 48 Pokestops, which are places in the Pokémon Go app that allow users to collect items such as eggs and more Poke Balls to capture Pokemon. These are typically located near select places such as historical markers.

In order to accommodate all the guests either to catch them all, the zoo has been opened an hour early at 6 a.m. this past week for both members and general admission guests could catch, train and socialize. The Pokémon week concludes on Saturday with costumed Pokemon mascots that will be on hand to greet visitors. The zoo’s shuttle train will become the PokeShuttle, which according to the zoo is a greet way to relax, see some animals and incubate some eggs and reach 20 PokeStops of the 48 PokeStops.

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