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Paradise Valley seeks input from residents on quality of life

One of Paradise Valley’s Quality of Life initiative is to complete a bike and pedestrian master plan.

Several initiatives have been planned thus far and now, the city is asking its residents what they would like in terms of bike lanes, routes, and pedestrian walkways.

“We will, through this planning process identify certain capital improvement projects that may need to happen,” senior planner Paul Michaud said.

Additionally, these projects include safety procedures for the residents of Paradise Valley.

Michaud is hoping to learn more about what the residents  would like to see, therefore an opinion survey was created.

“We’re hoping to get design guidelines out of this, he said.

The city wants to know what these networks would look like for shade and even pedestrian comfort stations. The survey is available online until August 19. Residents are also invited to the first stake holder event which is a walk and bike ride at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 13. There are additional events throughout the fall months where residents can voice their opinions.

Michaud hopes through the various upcoming events they’ll be able to find a master plan that suits the resident’s and their needs.