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Does my home insurance cover me?

Most homeowners have home insurance; in fact, you can’t get a home loan without insuring your property.

What that insurance can protect against includes fire or losses from theft and a whole lot more.

Here are some calamities often covered by a policy that you might not have thought about:

Wind or hail ravage your roof – If you lose part of the roof during a storm, don’t wait for the insurance adjuster to come before working on the problem. Cover the roof with a tarp as a temporary fix or get someone to pump out the water from the flood. You may have to spend money immediately, but it’s not worth guessing what the claim will be.

Leaks from pipes flood your house – Most flooding in houses from water pipes will be covered. But if you ignore leaks for a long time, you might have trouble being reimbursed for full damage. But sewage backups from pipes are usually not covered. If a tree’s roots invade your plumbing and make a mess, you probably have to pay. You need special coverage to insure for sewage mishaps.

A monsoon flood causes water or mud damage in your house – This flooding also requires special coverage. If you’re in a possible flood plain, you can get federal flood insurance, and your bank will require you to buy it. The price varies depending on level of risk. Before buying a home, ask your Realtor about this possibility. Check the National Flood Insurance Program Web site for details.

Accidents involving visitors and bodily injuries – The most common claims by visitors to your property involve slip-and-fall mishaps, pool accidents, and injuries on trampolines and swing sets. Your basic policy provides some coverage, but you might need additional coverage.

Animals that bite – Bites by dogs and other pet injuries are common and can be costly. Ask your insurance agent about this type of problem. Some breeds may require extra insurance.

A tree falling on your house – On your lot, things like your house, patio, fences and outdoor kitchen are all covered, but vegetation is not. So if a big tree falls on the house or other structures, insurance will cover what is broken, but not the tree. So you pay to chop up the tree and truck it away. If you want to replace that tree or repair your garden, you pay, too. But insurance will pay to fix the neighbor’s yard and plants.

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