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Now is the time to start getting your kid ready to go back to school

Summer is almost over and parents should start now getting their kid ready to go back to school.

“Parents and families play such an important role in helping their kids get prepared for back-to-school, and really setting them up to be on a track for success for the whole year,” said President of Expect More Arizona Pearl Chang Esau.

One of the most important things parents can do, about a week before school starts, is to get kids back into a proper school routine.

“Transitioning from whatever your summer schedule was, probably crazy and hectic, back to scheduled meal-times, bed-times, wake-up-times when they’re going to have to wake up to get to school,” she said.

It’s also important to help them set goals for the coming year.

“Setting high expectations, talking about what your kid wants to improve on that year,” she said.

Finally another easy tip is to continue learning in the home.

“[From] Reading to or with your child for 20 minutes every day, to practicing some math skills,” she said.

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