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Glitch forces Southwest Air flight delays in Phoenix, other cities

(AP File Photo)

PHOENIX — A technical glitch was holding up Southwest Airlines flights at airports all over the country, including Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Arizona’s biggest airport reported Wednesday that systems were still down Wednesday afternoon.

Southwest Airlines Co. said that it began having intermittent problems with several systems after an outage.

A spokeswoman said the Dallas-based airline had halted flights that were still in their gates.

The spokeswoman said systems were gradually coming back but it may take time before the airline resumes normal operations.

It’s the second time less than three months that a glitch has brought some part of Sky Harbor operations to a standstill.

In May, the bag-screening system went offline.

Transportation Security Administration agents had to pile thousands of checked bags in a parking lot until they could be shipped to their owners’ destinations.

That delay lasted for hours.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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