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Sign season: Do’s and don’ts for campaign sign placement in Phoenix

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PHOENIX — With election season in full swing, Phoenix residents should be aware of all the dos and don’ts that come with putting up a campaign sign.

According to Phoenix Planning and Development Director Alan Stephenson, Arizona law allows campaign signs to be put up as early as 60 days before a primary and taken down within 15 days of a general election — unless the candidate loses in the primary.

Signs must also be reasonable. Residential signs can be no larger than 16 square feet and commercial property signs cannot exceed 32 square feet.

If a sign prevents a driver from seeing traffic signs or pedestrians at an intersection or near a street sign, it will be taken down by state and local officials.

“State law precludes a campaigns from locating a campaign sign at an intersection that would cause safety problems for visibility of cars,” said Stephenson

Signs should have contact information for the candidate or campaign so they can be informed in the case of a sign being removed for safety issues.

To have a sign removed based on safety issues, residents can call the zoning enforcement office through neighborhood services department.

Signs placed on private property without the owner’s permission can be removed by the property owner.

KTAR’s Sharon Mittelman contributed to this story.

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