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Arizona senator speaks at Republican National Convention

(C-SPAN Screenshot)

Arizona State Senator Kimberly Yee’s speech at the Republican National Convention blended personal experience with political policy.

Sen. Yee’s speech was framed around the idea of the American Dream, explaining that she comes from a long line of immigrants and small business owners.

Joined by her father, who watched and waved as his daughter delivered her speech, Sen. Yee proudly acknowledged how her family motivated her to eventually become the first female, Asian-American woman elected to the Arizona senate.

She explained how her roles as a mother, daughter, wife, business owner and a citizen legislator have influenced her values and decisions in the senate.

“We can’t spend more than we make, we must defend our freedom at home and abroad, we should value and protect life and our businesses run best when our government intervenes the least,” Sen. Yee said. “These are the values that I hold dear.”

She concluded her speech by expressing her support of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted a picture of Sen. Yee speaking at the convention saying, “Great message for our party — you made Arizona proud.”

The Republican National Convention will continue through July 21.

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