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Take a tour of Radio Row at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

As the Republican National Convention in Cleveland gears up to select its 2016 presidential nominee, most journalists are prepping for a long and exciting week of work.

Downtown Cleveland has been transformed into a maze of barriers, fences and law enforcement trying to tell thousands of media members, delegates and the general public where to go.

Arguably the neatest transition is the one that saw a parking garage transformed into Radio Row, where KTAR News 92.3 FM and hundreds of other outlets will be working for the next several days.

We were able to get into Radio Row prior to the Monday beginning of the convention and broadcast our walk-through live on Facebook. For those that missed it, we embedded the video above.

KTAR’s Jim Sharpe and Carter Nacke are in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention all week. Stay with us for ongoing coverage, both on-air and online.

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