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Horace Greeley letter archives selling for $45,000

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A dealer of rare historic documents is selling a trove of more than two dozen letters written by legendary newspaper editor Horace Greeley that describe his difficult and often critical relationship with President Abraham Lincoln during and after the Civil War.

The Raab Collection in Philadelphia has set the price at $45,000 for the 33 letters that belonged to an anonymous private collector.

The collection consists of 30 letters from the New York Tribune editor to then-reporter and future lawmaker Samuel Wilkeson, two to War Secretary Simon Cameron and one from Cameron to Wilkeson.

In one letter, Greeley writes “if this country is destined to fall, history will lay the blame on Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet.” The one-time presidential candidate also takes aim at “half-hearted commanders” and “scoundrelly contractors.”

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