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Multiple Phoenix-area protests cause traffic problems

Twitter Photo/@CorbinCarson

Protests in the Phoenix-area Friday caused traffic problems at busy intersections.

At a protest against police brutality in the Biltmore-area, attendees shut down 24th Street for a few minutes, near the cross-section with Camelback Road.

The protest was led by Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who showed protesters his “12-point Plan,” which is a list of things he thinks the city of Phoenix needs to follow in order to rid the area of bad police officers and poor police work.

“We’re not anti-police,” Maupin said. “I know there are some that are going to insist that we are anti-police. My grandmother was the first black woman to work for the Phoenix Police Department. I’m not anti-police. I wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t had a chance to work for that department. We are anti-police-brutality. We are anti-excessive-force.”

Police officers, including Chief Joe Yahner came out to the rally and accepted the “12-point Plan” from Maupin, and said that it was a successful protest because of just that moment.

Before the protest against police brutality started, a rally to support police officers was making its own voice heard on the same intersection.

At a protest in Tempe, Arizona, people were seen marching down Mill Avenue, blocking traffic as they chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

These protests took place just one week after a largely peaceful protest took place in downtown Phoenix July 8.

Protesters marched peacefully for about two hours before changing their route suddenly in an effort to shut down Interstate 10. Phoenix police officers stopped that from happening by using tear gas and blocking the entry ways, not allowing anybody to get down to the road itself.

Three people were arrested during the incident for throwing rocks at officers.

The rally was set up after two black males were killed by police, one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana, days before. Besides the protest in downtown Phoenix, other demonstrations took place across the country in an effort to stop what protesters believe to be police brutality and racial bias.

One protest turned violent in Dallas as a sniper shot 12 police officers, and killed five of them.

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