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How involved should you be in your child’s life?

Don’t hover. Don’t be distant.

How involved should you be in your child’s life?

“There’s a difference between being too involved where they don’t want to talk to you,” said Tara Laurie, who is the founder and CEO of the Youth World Education Project (YWEP).  “Let them know that you care, let them know that you are there for them, you’re not the enemy.”

Parents should ask questions and let kids know they care, but don’t smother them, she said.

Some simple tips:

“Make sure you go to parent-teacher conferences, that you know who your child’s friends are, be their homework coach,” she said. “Because kids want to tell you things, it’s just a matter of if we’re listening.”

One thing that is important for parents to do is to listen, and then speak, Laurie said.

Laurie’s organization offers an array of parenting classes that can help.

Find a schedule and locations of classes just for fathers, just for mothers and parents in general here.

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