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What do I do if I have a leak in my roof?

It’s that time of the year when many homeowners often worry about what might happen in a monsoon storm.

We recently provided you with some important information about flat roof and shingle roof care.

Here are some of the additional questions we get about roofs this time of year, and our answers:

If I have a leak and my roof is damaged, what do I do next?

As soon as possible, call a licensed local roofer with a good reputation. If you have a true emergency, tell the roofer so that he or she can put you on the top of an appointment list. Of course, roofers are often very busy right after a big storm. If you have a minor problem, you may have to wait your turn for repairs. If you think you have serious damage, call your insurance agent as well.

What if the ceiling is bulging inside the house and water is dripping out?

Let the roofer know what’s going on, of course, but you can also poke a small hole in the leak area so the water can drip into a container. You don’t want to let water build up and bring down the entire ceiling.

What do I do when the roofer comes?

You want the roofer to estimate what it will cost to fix the damage. But if your roof is getting older and needs replacing, you want an estimate for a new roof as well. You can also seek bids from other licensed roofers if a major overhaul is warranted. You generally have to hire a handyman or painter to fix the drywall and repaint damaged areas inside the house. Or maybe you can do it yourself.

How can I prevent future damage?

You can install gutters or downspouts. A landscaper can trim branches away from your roof. You might want a home inspector to look for problems around skylights and a rooftop air conditioner.

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