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Disabled U.S. rep rips man claiming to be disabled

“I used to complain about not having shoes until I met a man with no feet,” a saying many people may have heard when complaining about something small, but this may be the best example yet.

Braulio Castillo was appealing for a 30 percent disability rating for twisting his ankle during his time in a military prep school. Rep. Tammy Duckworth felt Castillo was just trying to take advantage of the system and she was not having it.

Duckworth lost both legs and remains at risk of losing her arm due to her service in Iraq. Her disability rating for her paralyzed arm is only 20 percent. She spoke from a personal place and defended the rights of veterans who are truly in need of insurance benefits and not those willing to abuse the system.

The actions of Castillo had Duckworth seeing red in honor of those who have defended the red, white and blue.