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Sharper Point: Adults need to be more like kids when arguing race

In today’s America, there is a ongoing, constantly heated, emotional conversation about race and its role in our society, particularly in regards to shootings of black men by police.

While I could talk to great length about the pros and cons of the Black Lives Matter group or the shootings they are protesting, I’m here to make a much simpler point: When it comes to race relations in America, maybe all of these angry adults need to act like kids.

You see, kids keep things easy. When they make friends, they don’t care about the color of their skin, only that they like the same toys, the same books or are just fun to be around. That’s it.

There’s no need to be tense, no need to be on their guard, no need to have that elephant in the room. They’re just kids, looking to be human together.

Also, they may realize something we all forget: You may have way more in common with that person on the other side of the protest line than you think.

Take me for example. While I haven’t been out supporting either side of the movement, it certainly impacts a cousin — albeit a distant one — of mine, who is African-American.

Just remember this the next time you accuse of someone making childish accusations over the racial tensions in America: If they’re acting like a kid, they may have the right idea.

Arizona's Morning News

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