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How many ‘Ghostbusters’ puns can you catch in this minute-long weather report?

If you don’t like “Ghostbusters” or puns, then slime afraid this video is not for you.

An English weather reporter, Sian Welby, seemed to be going for some kind of record as she made over 20 “Ghostbusters” puns in her one-minute weather report.

The extremely punny newscast was in honor of the upcoming release of the upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot featuring female ghost-busting leads.

Welby’s puns included names of the actors from the original and from the upcoming remake.

Puns such as, “keep hold of your Wiig,” and “a Hemsworth of rain,” give a nod to actress Kristen Wiig and actor Chris Hemsworth who play Erin Gilbert and Kevin in the 2016 reboot.

Welby also tells her viewers not to “Murray” instead of worry, referencing actor and comedian Bill Murray for his role as Peter in the original movie.

The 2016 remake, staring Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, is scheduled to be released Friday.