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About 30 people living in Snowflake, Arizona are ‘allergic to life’

The world around all of us is getting more technologically advanced by the second, and for the majority of the time we probably take it for granted.

Some people living in Snowflake, Arizona definitely do not take it for granted. In fact, those people think that technology and other factors are actually killing them.

It’s called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness, and according to the Guardian, “About 30 people in Snowflake, Arizona have retreated from modern life due to their ‘sensitivities.'”

In a video done by the Guardian, multiple people explain why they have adopted to live in the middle of nowhere, and what they can’t be around because it hurts them too much physically.

One man can’t use a computer anymore, and has a deal with a local photocopy shop to have his emails all printed out so he can read them. That same man has to read his books under plastic casing, because the fumes from the ink and the paper are a problem for him

Another man said, “Just a half an hour in the real world, I can’t speak. I’m in agony.” In the video, he tells the woman with the camera to back up because it is hurting him. He explains that the closeness of the camera makes his mind fuzzy and he can’t concentrate anymore.

The Guardian said that few medical professionals believe that the illness is real. But these people in the video want everyone to understand that it is definitely a real thing that they have to live with.

(WARNING: The video contains explicit language that may not be suitable for children)

The video can be found here.


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