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Mesa mayor urges public safety funding

Twitter Photo/@MayorGiles

MESA, Ariz. — The city of Mesa is putting a question on November’s ballot asking voters to approve funding for more police officers and firefighters.

That money, if approved, would come in the way of a sales tax increase.

Mesa Mayor John Giles said there are a few essential things people really rely on the government to do, and this, he said, is one.

“When we’re having the worst day of our life and we call 911, we need a well-trained response, and we need it to happen quickly, and we need them to be properly equipped,” Giles said.

The proposed sales tax increase is point-four percent, which if it passes, would raise Mesa’s current sales tax from 1.75 percent to 2.15 percent.

That would put Mesa about mid-way in the range of tax rates in the Phoenix-metro area.

Giles said the city needs to catch up in terms of personnel.

“The voters of Mesa understand we don’t want to fall behind when it comes to public safety,” Giles said.

Some of the funds would be earmarked for higher education projects, including a satellite campus for Arizona State University.

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