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Now might be the time to encourage your child’s interest in the stars

Space might be the new final frontier for your kid.

“The children today are obviously the future astronauts and scientists of tomorrow,” said KTAR’s Dr. Sky.

There have been big changes to the industry in the last 10-15 years since space became privatized, he said.

“We’re now launching private funded spacecraft up to the international space station,” he said. “Even more prolific is the idea [of] the actual man-mission to Mars.”

Imagine your kid being part of that mission, which Dr. Sky said could be as soon as between 2025 and 2030.

If you’ve noticed some interest in space from your children, there are a few simple things parents can do to encourage them.

“They can go down to the Kennedy Space Center, let’s say, and take them on that journey, when you see the great long legacy and history of the American space program,” he said. “And also locally if they’re involved in Astronomy clubs.”

Dr. Sky also recommends encouraging kids with books and apps about the nighttime sky.

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