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Pokemon Go is nothing like hunting, enjoying the great outdoors

FILE - In this Feb. 16, 2014 file photo, a Pikachu of Pokemon display hangs above Toy Fair 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York on the opening day of the 111th American International Toy fair. Japanese video game company Nintendo Co., the Pokemon Co. and Google spin-off Niantic said Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 they intend to transplant the virtual realities of the famous Pokemon "pocket monsters" into real world locations with a smartphone app that players can use to catch, trade and stage battles between the creatures. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)

You might have observed something odd over the past few days.

Maybe you were grabbing a drink at your normal spot and noticed that your fellow patrons weren’t following the customary attention pattern of drink, cell phone, game on TV, repeat.

Instead, they were staring at their phones and then suddenly glancing out of the window, as if they were expecting the cops to show up.

Or maybe you were driving around town, as I was, and almost hit two 20-somethings darting across the Seventh Street exit with their faces buried in their phones.

One of these adrenaline junkies was wearing a hat that I recognized from the “Pokemon” show my kids watched. Then it clicked: They were playing the new have-to-play-it-game, Pokemon Go.

How does an outdoorsman like me know anything about Pokemon Go? Because I have listeners that are attempting to convince me that this game is, and I quote, “JUST LIKE HUNTING.”

No. No it is certainly not “just like hunting.”

If hunting was just like Pokemon Go, each game animal would be fitted with a GPS tracking device and their exact coordinates would appear on my phone!

Their next argument: At least people are “getting outdoors.”

Yes, yes you are. Score one for the uber nerds. Enjoy the jolt of Vitamin D.

But getting outdoors and experiencing the outdoors are two completely different things.

Just because you have escaped the four walls of your parents’ basement and your skin feels the sting of sunshine for the first time in weeks doesn’t constitute experiencing the outdoors.

That would take peeling your eyes away from the glow of the phone screen and adjusting for the sunshine.

There you will see trees, birds and fellow human beings. You know, the real world.

Not the virtual world. The real world.

Regardless of location, playing video games is NOT experiencing the great outdoors!

Oh, and I was just informed the Pokemon Go has fighting gyms. No, fighting in a Pokemon Gym is NOT exercise.

Just a preemptive strike for those that will try to make the Pokemon Go fitness argument.

Lord, help us.

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