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Phoenix police warns Pokemon Go players: Don’t break the law trying to catch ’em all

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

PHOENIX — Phoenix police have taken to Twitter to remind Pokemon Go players not to break the law and to #PokemonGoSafely.

Since the release of the new app Pokemon Go, an “augmented reality” game which scatters digital “beasts” and stops throughout the real world, Phoenix police have received calls about possible trespassers trying to catch Pokemon.

On Monday, Phoenix police tweeted a picture that said, “Charizard is not a valid excuse for trespassing!”

In just two hours, the picture was retweeted almost 300 times.

Police departments worldwide have issued similar requests and warnings.

But trespassing isn’t the only issue, many people have gotten injured in the process of trying to catch’em all.

A man in New York fell off his skateboard and cut up his hand while playing while others in Australia have been warned by police to stay out of busy intersections to avoid getting his by cars.

Although the app may have created a few problems for law enforcement, it has actually helped some police fight crime.

According to, a man in Oregon credited the game for helping police find a suspected vandal who was breaking windows.

A woman in Wyoming also alerted police when she was searching for Pokemon and stumbled across a dead body.

The app overlays a virtual world with a physical world. Local landmarks and popular spots are marked as “Pokespots” were players gather supplies such as “pokeballs.”

Pokeballs are used to catch Pokemon, which are scattered throughout the digital map.

Pokemon are then caught and trained in locations called “gyms.” They are then trained to battle each other to see who is the very best.

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