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Fizzy fun: Soda maker pops out Trump Tonic, Hillary Hooch

(Facebook Photos)

While it is entirely possible that a good number of Americans want to drink when they hear about the 2016 presidential candidates, a beverage company is jumping on the bandwagon with soda named for the rivals.

A soda maker back east is giving folks thewill be able to crack open Trump Tonic or Hillary Hooch now, Avery’s Soda of Connecticut said.

The slogan for the grape soda named for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is “Make America grape again.” Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America great again.”

The flavor named for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee contains “classified” ingredients, including strawberry, blue raspberry and lemon “for some bitterness,” according to a Facebook post.

There’s going to be voting, too. Avery’s said it would post the weekly online results of a straw poll.

For those who aren’t happy with either candidate, the soda maker will also have write-in vote labels.

This marks the third presidential race Avery’s has released candidates sodas.

Barack O’Berry outsold John McCream in 2008 and Cream de Mitt in 2012. Both were red cream sodas.

The company, which happily makes and markets sodas such as Toxic Slime, Bug Barf, also makes with more drinkable-sounding flavor such as pink lemonade, root beer and strawberry.

Sales are mainly to New Britain, Connecticut area grocery stores but Avery’s will take phone orders.